Trek Colors

by Trek

If you have boys or if you know a boy, then you already know that boys love violence.  When we play cars, they crash.  Dinosaurs rip limbs off and kill everything.  Build a block tower and it gets demolished with a karate chop. 
Well, give them a crayon and it will end up the same way.  Hence, blood guy. 
This is what he wanted me to write! 

"mom, i want some letters up here" 
Oh, my smart boy!  what do you want me to write?
"blood guy"
of course.

He went on to explain the rest of the picture to me.  If you look, you can see the biggest circle is the face which in a 3 year old's mind encompasses the entire body.  He added two, or three, or four, beady eyes.

what's this red scribble down here? (his smile, i was thinking)
"a scratch where he got blood"
right.  because this is blood guy.

Yep.  Boys will be boys.  Growing up with all sisters, I had no idea what raising boys would be like.
It's an adventure.  Daily.
And I love it.

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  1. Yea, you really missed out not having any brothers. Not to worry. You seem to be handling all of those guys really well.
    Love y'all.


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