Draw in the Dirt : A Bear Lives Up There

Our kids mimic us.  And that can be a good or bad thing but in this case it was definitely good.
Most of you know about Jono's blog, he writes clever little poems usually accompanied by his own illustration.  The other day, Joe sat down and wrote a poem and illustrated it,
just like his dad!
Take a look...

Very cute, right?
We decided we should use it for this week's Draw in the Dirt.
If you would like to participate,
then all you have to do is create your own illustration for Joe's poem
and share it with us by clicking on the Linkster down at the bottom.
Here are the ones that Jono and I did...

Hmmm.  You can tell a good bit about a person from their doodles.  I mean, my bear is cozied up by the fire while his bear is on the moon!  Good thing we're a couple.  My life would be so normal and boring otherwise.
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1 comment:

  1. Joe, Great job on the poem.
    I love all of the illustrations.
    Love, Shisha


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