Snow's Back

So we got some snow.  I don't know how it snows other places.  Being from Alabama, northern Cali is my only experience with the stuff unless you count the "blizzard of '93" when Bama got 6 whole inches.  The snow here comes in feet, granted it only happens a handful of times each winter, but it's the real thing. 
Usually I dread it.  It's cold, confining, wet clothes everywhere, and inevitably the power goes out.  But yesterday was a great day! 
I took the littles out in the morning.  It took me literally at least 30 minutes to get us all ready to go out.  I was thinking, this better be worth it, and it totally was!  We had a blast.  I asked Trek if he wanted to build a snowman or maybe go sled the back hill.  No, he wanted to 'fall in it'.  So we did.  Again and again.  Then we rolled a gigantic snow ball that we pretended was just like the one in the Backyardigans.
The big kids got out of school early so we went back out to play again in the afternoon.  Turns out the new playground is perfect for snow play too!  Snowball fights, sledding, and tricks off the swing are a lot more fun when you can fall into fresh powder.

Trek started sliding this hill on his belly!  Then, of course, the little monkey has to do it too.  Joe is working on building a ramp at the bottom.  I'll let you know how that comes out.
Happy Friday!
Enjoy your weather, whatever it happens to be!


  1. OMG Trekker looks so much like Joe in that photo!!!

  2. We love the backyardigans--we know that episode well!

    Those hairclips are awesome! I have brads like that, so I am going to attempt to make htem. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. what an awesome family time!! You are very blessed indeed!


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