24 inches in 24 hours

When we moved out here, they told us that we would get a "few snows" but it is mostly rain.  The first winter we had several BIG snows and everyone told us how unusual that was for this area but once about every ten years we would get a really Big Storm.  Maybe because time moves slower up in the mountains people forget how long a year is.  We've had these Big Storms every year for four years now.
This time it was about 24 inches in 24 hours!  I don't really know how that compares to other places (this storm came down from Alaska so maybe my Alaska friends can tell me what real snow is like) but this was heavy duty for my tastes.

This is the back of the house and still snowing...

the Swagger Wagon...

this is one of the giant snowballs from last week's storm

this is what the snowballs look like now...and joe swimming in the snow

Abs thought it was super cool that she could get up to the roof...and little monkey thought he would follow...

Jono shoveled the path for us...

Bean couldn't walk in it at all.  But he loved getting thrown into it!

here's where Abs lost her boot.  they had to get the shovel and dig it out.

The power did go out.  and our phone line.  and our water on day 4.  But more on that tomorrow. 
Alaska, no more of your weather please.  Alabama, feel free to send us some of that 70 degree stuff you have!


  1. This IS definitely a lot of snow! Wow. Crazy. And you know, strangely we never got this much in Delta Junction. I think interior Alaska (Delta anyway) is known more for it's cold temps than it's snow levels!

  2. Oh Becca, this is way too much snow for my tastes.
    Take care.


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