Sweet Kid

This is one sweet kid
He ran all the way back across the park to pick a flower for me.

He's the kid that tells you he loves you and wants to hear you tell him back.  He notices if I wear something new.  "I like your shirt."  He says "thank you mom for cookin" almost every night.  He will randomly tell me I'm beautiful.  Who doesn't need that kind of encouragement in their life?!!  I eat it up!  And I make sure to tell him he looks handsome too.  (he reminds me if i don't speak up right away 'and i'm handsome?')

He is a good example for me.  I use sarcasm far too often as a way of communicating my feelings.  If only I could be more like this guy and spread the love.  Well, today is a good day to try.


  1. That is so sweet. He is a good boy.

  2. He is Grandally Geo in mini form! Yes Trek- you are HANDSOME!!! Love you!!!


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