San Francisco Zoo

Last week we went to
San Francisco
(ooh, that's fun to say!)

Jono had something he needed to do so the fam decided to tag along.  While we were there we went to the zoo.  It was a great day to be there.  The weather was just right and it was a weekday so it wasn't crowded.
And, of course, all the kiddos LOVED it!

The first animal we saw was this duck, who Dylan tried his hardest to catch.

We took bets on the penguin races. 

We watched the gorilla family for the longest time.  The little guy is about Trek's size.  They have a lot in common.  And the daddy was very intimidating sitting there alternately glaring or ignoring us.

This sleeping koala was just too cute!

The macaws were very chatty.  Pretty sure one of them said my name.

I loved watching this little baby hang out.  Anteaters apparently eat more than just ants.  This momma was slurping up an avocado.

Another popular feature you might be interested in if you ever get to the San Fran Zoo...they have free-range peacocks.  They were just about everywhere.  A lot of them were hanging out with the kangaroos and the flamingos.  Did NOT see them chillin' with the big cats.  However, whenever we saw them out on the walkways, they were seriously hunted by our four wildcats.  It was pretty hilarious.  Maybe I should have taken that opportunity to lecture them on humane treatment of animals, but I didn't.  I laughed at that bird!  (my justification:  i don't think the bird was in any great danger of being caught)

I think everybody's favorite was the lion house, but I'll let Joe Friday tell you about that tomorrow.

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  1. Great pictures. The first one is definitely a post card pic. They do still make post cards, don't they?


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