More snow and more snow.  Sorry we've been off the grid (literally).  The power goes out for a few days and then I try to get myself and the house back in order and then the power goes out again.  It put a little kink in my blogging schedule.

But we're back!

I only took a couple pics of the snow this time.  This snow was really too wet to go out and play in. 

This storm was a bit unique in the fact that it came in sideways.  Check out the six inches on the side of the power pole!

Thanks to the Stocks for letting us crash while the power was out!  Thanks to Jono for surprising me with a "get away from it all" weekend! (more on that later)  And thanks to PG&E for all that overtime.

Good bye, white stuff.  Hello, sunshine and chacos! 

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  1. Wow Becca. That is a crazy amount of snow.

    Glad to see you back!


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