Auction Projects for the Kids' Classes

It's been a challenge for me to get down to volunteer in the kids' classes this year.  But I was able to help both of their classes do a project for the school's annual auction.  I love to watch kids doing art.  Unlike us big people, they have no reservations about throwing down some paint.  We worry about what it will look like, using the wrong colors, what people will say.  Kids don't.  They know they are talented and they just go for it!  It's a beautiful thing to see.
The third graders did a batik.  My sis-in-law told me about this project which you can find here.  We just took it a step farther so that when we put all of their batiks together it made a picture (in this case, their teacher's favorite president).  It was a trick to figure that puzzle out but it gave us something to do while snowed in.

The first graders were each given a letter and asked to draw something that started with that letter.  I transferred their pictures onto tiles which they painted.  Ms. Smith's dad graciously took the tiles and made it into an adorable ABC kids table.
These are very original!  I especially love K, P, Q, V and of course...

Z is for Zombie (Joe's contribution). 
Notice the head is off, there is blood and a weapon.  I wouldn't have expected any less.

Pop Quiz:  Do you know how many stars were on the flag when Lincoln was president?


  1. These are great. Super Job on Pres. Lincoln.
    Is it 36 stars? Lincoln was in office to 1865.

  2. good guess, shish! there were 33 when he went in and nevada made 36 the year he died.


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