I count myself lucky in so many ways!  Here are four of them...


Last year we made treasure boxes for St. Patrick's Day to play along with a little legend about leprechauns.  According to the story, if you put a treasure box out under the moon the eve of March 17th, the little green fellows will fill the box with gold or jewels or gifts.  However (you know how tricky they are) they will hide the box in the most unlikely place.  In order to claim the treasure for yourself, you have to find the box before the end of St. Patrick's Day or all the treasure returns to the land of the leprechauns.

Joe was all about the treasure and he has reminded me consistently every day this month that we needed to make a treasure box again this year. We were able to do it just in time.

All you need is an empty box to decorate.  We covered ours in white paper.

Then I let the kids go after it, decorating it however they wanted.  It seems like last year there was a lot more glitter and glue involved.  This year was more markers and stickers.

Ta da!  Hope we can find it today!  I'm sure those leprechauns have so much treasure they won't even notice if we keep this little box full!


  1. Good Luck with the treasure!!! Hope it is overflowing! Love to all the Leprechauns!!!

  2. Thanks Becca! I was looking for an idea so we did this! I will probably blog about it...oh, I'd say in about a month! I am a little behind.

  3. we found our treasure a little late but before the leprechauns got to it!
    Hayley, hope yall found some good treasure!

  4. Ok Becca. I've posted all about our festivities and linked back to your blog. If you want you can read about it here:

    Thanks again for the idea!


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