Get in the Frame

Fellow blogger Emily from The Anderson Crew sends out the call every Thursday to get in front of the camera with your kids (or spouse or friends).  So that when they are all grown they will have some sort of proof that you were actually there.  Documentation is a good thing.  I have documented all sorts of moments in their lives so far.  From the first day of school to that mysterious dinosaur egg/rock that they discovered.  I take pictures of them all the time. 
 I didn't think it would be a big deal to snap a picture with me in it with them.


These two weren't too hard because I can still catch them.

This one was being goofy and preteen-ish and didn't want to look like she might like her mother.

But we did get one eventually.

This one acts like he doesn't want to be in pictures at all!  Much less with his mother putting her arms around him.  I mean, gross.  He ran.  I employed the help of his siblings.  I tried tackling.

Maybe I should have busted out the pig-nose-hold that I used in my hog wrestling days.
This worked somewhat.

I don't want to forget to document this guy either. 
He's my love and friend that has committed to walking through this crazy life with me. 
We gotta remember how we were just then in that moment.

Thanks for the challenge, Em. 
It was a physical challenge but I hope it will be a treasure for my little rascals one day.
It's a treasure for me now.
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  1. I love that you take pictures all the time

  2. Great view of Abby's mismatched socks


    PS I LOVE the socks!!!!

  4. So cute! You do not look like you are old enough to have a "preteen" daughter. Your family is beautiful!

  5. Great pictures! I love that you included your husband too, I think they get pushed aside a little on the blog parts :)

  6. These are so sweet and fun! Glad you joined us!


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