Pinterest Complete {slotted building discs)

You know how you can get so wrapped up in pinning things on Pinterest that you never get around to actually doing anything?  Well, periodically I am going to share something that I saw on Pinterest and saw it through to completion. 

Take these building discs.

diy building discs toy

The pin came from a blog called Handmade Charlotte but the project originated at Made by Joel.  I was excited to find out that Made by Joel has bunches of fun kid projects and cool printable coloring pages.  I can't wait to play some more!

So, Joel's discs are bright and colorful.  I had visions of using pretty scrapbooking paper to make some of our own but I wanted these to take on the plane--a fun, quiet, easily portable game for the littles--and my time kind of ran out.

I started with cardboard coasters that we got from Sierra Nevada.

No time to cut out cute paper and glue on both sides.
So, I just cut the four slits in all the coasters and stuck them in a bag.
I did throw in some popsicle sticks.  They fit in the slits so it adds abother dimension.

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  1. Looks like a neat idea. How did that work for the boys?


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