Soccer Wrap Up 2011

Now this might get confusing. 
Both Joe and Trek's teams are orange.  The same orange. 
 You'll have to look for their faces to tell the teams apart.

This is Joe's team.  The bears!

That's his game face.  And he is such a good little player!
He was one of the top scorers on his team this season.

The bears did such a great job.  They learned positions and how to stay in their lanes.  The coach did a great job coming up with drills to teach them this stuff.  Do you know how are it is to get them out of the mob-ball mentality?!  But Coach Shelley did it!

Here are the Mob-ball Champs.
We call them the Sparrows.

I don't think they lost a game all season but nobody keeps score officially.
Except for some overzealous soccer moms.  Not me.  I'm totally cool with it being a non-competitive, neutral, confidence building event.  Truth?  Hmmm.

Trek is everybody's cheerleader.
Look at that excitement for his teammate's score!

And here are some of his other amazing moves.

The tongue hanging out.  I guess he gets it from his big brother.
He was not shy about pushing his way into the mob to get the ball.  And it didn't matter if he got to score or not he was always thoroughly pleased with himself any time he got to kick the ball!
One of my favorite moments was when we look over and he and his teammate are spying down into the cone.  They put a cone over a hole in the middle of the field and it was much more interesting than playing the game!

There you go.  Little soccer wrap-up!
Go orange!


  1. That game face of Joe's is AWESOME...I mean, I'm actually scared. I wouldn't want to go against him. The tongue pics? Classic. Must run in the family.

  2. Great stuff. Love soccer. I hope that I will get to see them play some time.


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