Sacramento {Gold Rush Days}

Jono and I were able to get down to the "big city" to celebrate his birthday.
The big city is Sacramento. 
It might not qualify for some of you but there are sidewalks there. 
And people walk on them to get places.
And there are buses and tall buildings and more concrete than trees.
And lots of stop lights and confusing one-way streets. 
And after dark, there are still people out walking the streets.
It has a completely different feel than the small mountain community
where we spend most of our days!
While most of the city is very modern, a small area downtown by the river has been preserved as a historic landmark.  For a few days each year (usually around Labor Day), the streets turn to dirt and horses and carriages are the only vehicles allowed through the streets.  It's straight from the 1850s.
My family lucked out when their visit happened to overlap the festival.

How would you like a ride in the paddy wagon?

There are all sorts of exhibitions: 
gold panning, medicine show, pony express riders, dancers,
AND a wild west shoot out!

Good times in Old Sac!

What is your favorite big city? 

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  1. We had a great time at Gold Rush Days on Monday 9/3 thanks to your blogging suggestions! :)


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