Sacramento {train museum and good eats}

The railroad is another giant piece of California's history. 
Following the gold rush, the rush to connect our continent by rail was on. 
But it is a part of my history too. 
My dad's dad worked for the railroad--L&N Railroad to be exact--and my great, great grandfather was Casey Jones.  Really.  I've been to the family reunion before in Jackson, TN.

The train museum in Old Sacramento does a wonderful job of taking you back to the days when the western rails were built and train travel became glamorous.

It is a great museum for families because there is something for everyone.
The kids can take a turn as an engineer in one of the engines. 
You can see how a private car would have been decorated had you been rich enough to afford one.
I loved walking through the dining car.  Each railroad company had their own china pattern.  You can see a complete table setting and sample menu!  (I'm a complete nerd, aren't I?)

Upstairs, you will find all different sizes of model trains!  The kids love watching them run around their little tiny towns.  And, of course, there are Thomas trains to play with.

*this picture was taken a couple years ago during our first visit.  this is joe!

After your trip through the railroad world, you might want to grab a bite to eat.
There are several historic places to eat.
You could go to Fat City.
The food isn't my favorite but you have to at least pop in for a look at the magnificent carved wood bar and their collection of Tiffany stained glass.

When my sister brought her family we found some tasty dishes at the Ten22.  I loved that they used fresh food from local farms! 
Has anyone been to The Firehouse Restaurant?
I've heard some good things and would love to try it.

Something I have tried is the brittle at Sacramento Sweets Co.
Peanut. Pecan. Walnut. Almond. Cashew!
They have it all and it is all. good.

Do you have a favorite place in Old Sacramento?

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  1. We had a great time there on August 20 thanks to your blogging suggestions!


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