A Little Birthday Celebration

Jono had his birthday recently.

 That's a three-four.
The four will be reused in December when Trek turns four.  He's pretty stoked that he and his dad are the "same".  Call me practical.  Call me a cheapskate.  Whatev.

Joe helped to light the candles.
He struck the match and lit all the candles all by himself.
Then directly blew out the match and candles all by himself!

Eventually, we got them all lit and over to the table for the waiting birthday boy.
I love celebrating birthdays.  Especially for the people I love.
I am so blessed that they were born, so of course, their birthdays are a holiday for me!
I have to share with you a little something I made for my man on his bithday.
I was inspired by I am Momma Hear Me Roar
She made some super cool upcycled t-shirt hats for her boys. 

I want to make one for everybody in the fam!  When time allows, I suppose.
But Jono had requested that I make him one for his birthday. 
So, I went to work.
She has a great tutorial, complete with patterns, on her blog.

I made just a couple adjustments.
Jono asked that I line it with some fleece for added warmth.  Which I did with some material that I upcycled from a pullover. And seeing as I was making it for a full grown boy and not a four-year-old I thought I should add an inch of height to each section. 
Now in my defense, I was making this as a present and I couldn't very well have Jono try it on after every step of the process.
So, this was the result.

You can see I over calculated a bit.
The hat is more suited for one of the coneheads from Saturday Night Live.
As soon as he put it on, we both just burst out laughing!
I offered to fix it but my sweet husband refused.
He said because it was my first one it made it even more special!
And he'll wear it, too. 
With style and swagger. 
Because he's cool like that.
And he loves me.

Aren't I a lucky girl?


  1. I love it. Jonathan is a good sport and besides, he CAN pull it off because he IS cool like that.

  2. Yes, you do have an awesome husband. Incredibly sweet. You are pretty sweet too. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JONATHAN!


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