Good Things Come in Cold Packages

We've got steaks!

My dad sent us an edible Christmas present.  Love it!  Don't even have to worry about Christmas dinner now, just have to fire up the grill!  You would think that would be exciting enough but it was a double present because the steaks arrived on DRY ICE!

Joe is my scientist in training and he wanted to lead us in some dry ice experiments.  We quickly googled it to see what we could do with the supplies we had at the house.  We knew that you can pour water over dry ice to make some thick, Halloween-worthy smoke, but here are a couple other tricks we tried out.


#1  Mysterious Vibrating Quarter
Take a quarter and hold it vertically against the ice.  When it has melted down just far enough to stand alone you let it go.  The quarter starts vibrating like it is coming to life!  It only lasts as long as it takes for the quarter to freeze.  You can warm the quarter back up and try this trick again and again.

#2  Bubbling Gurgling Smoke on the Water
Add some dish soap and food coloring to a bowl of water.  Pour over the dry ice.  You might have to blow the smoke out of the way to see the bubbling, gurgling action going on.

It worked best with the ice completely submerged.
And when you pop the bubbles, smoke comes out!
This was completely entertaining.  I--I mean, the kids--loved it. 
Who needs cable?!

Thanks, Dad!


  1. How exciting. I'm sure that they had a great time with that.


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