Sunny with a Chance of Ice

December has been beautiful!
Lots of sunshine and no snow.  A win win for me.
The temps have really been dipping at night though. 
The other day down in camp we discovered this little ice pond.

The kids find it fascinating to break the ice.  I like to look at it.
So, I made them let me take pictures before they started harvesting ice.

Where we live there is at least a 10 degree difference between the shade and the sun.  This was a new phenomenon for me--a girl from Alabama.  Where I grew up there wasn't any place to escape the heat in summer, or late fall, or that one time we had an eighty degree Christmas.  The humidity just soaks up that heat and shares it with all the spots, shady or otherwise.
The temp difference happens in the winter, too.  There are spots on the mountain that stay in the shade all the time and so the ice or snow has a hard time melting.  Some neighbors down the road take advantage of this in order to create some amazing ice sculptures.

The sculptures are always changing and I never know what I will see when I go down the hill.
It's difficult to pullover on this winding mountain road of ours but Jono was with me this time so I attempted to get some pics.  I probably look pretty strange to people driving by (but then my sisters would probably say I look pretty strange most any time).

Me, I'll still search out the sunny spots first but this was a gorgeous piece of shade.
I hope you are enjoying the weather where you are.

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