There are walnut groves a-plenty around these parts.
And they are gorgeous.  Rows and rows meticulously planted at even spaces.
And they are delicious.
But I have to say, I am still partial to the pecan.
That's Pee-can.
Pee with a long 'e' and can like a can of beans.

Jonathan's grandmother has a couple trees in her backyard.  So, while we were visiting we put the kids to work--I mean--we all went out back and gathered pecans together!  Seriously, we all were out there.  It was a beautiful day and it is a little addictive.  Finding them, eating them, trying to beat the squirrels to them.  Did you know that if you throw a football up into the tree accurately enough you can knock down more pecans?
That is some entertainment right there!
Not only do you get to watch athletic prowess in action, you get to watch everyone dodge the pecans as they come pelting down from the sky!
Despite the kids eating most of the ones they picked up
(if you look in the pictures, their cheeks are all full)
we were able to make it back home with a bag full of those sweet treats that remind us of Alabama. 
Thanks, Maw Maw.
 Here are a few recipes that I might try out with my coveted stash.

And since we are on the subject of sweet treats,
let us not forget the
pumpkin roll.


  1. Yum! My dad's been collecting them too out behind my aunt's house. Funny how most everyone has their own little gathering spot.


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