Lots of Gifts!

How thankful I am!
To be able to give gifts to our children.
To be spoiled with gifts from our loving families.

Christmas morning was filled with squeals of delight.

Dylan wanted to wear everything immediately.
"i put it own"
At one point he had on about 5 shirts plus his super and bathing suit.
(the bathing suit was not even new but he just had to wear it)

We were thrilled to receive some hadmade gifts from

After all the presents were opened.  Abby gave us a fashion show.
My sisters and I used to do this, too, Christmas morning, seeing if everything fit
and trying to decide what to wear to Mimi's house.

The rest of the day was pretty chill.
Abby and Joe were engrossed in their new games while Trek and Dylan ran around crazy.

All in all, a wonderful day.

Thanks to the fam for all the goodies. 
Sorry we couldn't be with you in person but you were with us in our hearts!

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  1. Love you all.
    Abby looks like she is rockin' these outfits
    I hope everything fit everyone.


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