The 12 Days of Christmas

The twelve days of Christmas make me think of several different things...
 A few years ago when Abby and Joe were smaller we painted an ornament for each day and talked about the real meaning behind the symbols.  For instance, the two turtledoves represents the two parts of the bible, Old and New Testament.  You can read the complete list here.

It also brings to mind a very awkward moment with Jonathan's family during the dating years.   They are a very musical family and the first Christmas I spent with them I discovered that one of their Christmas traditions is gathering around the piano to sing Christmas carols. 
How lovely is that?! 
Bring the family together through song and good cheer. 
I love it! 
But when it came time to sing the 12 Days of Christmas they started handing out days to different people.  I was given something very early on like Day 3 maybe.  They explained to me that when it came to the line for day 3 I would sing it.  By. my. self.  I sing great in the car or in the shower or in a big group of people where you really can't hear my voice. 
But on that night I was singin' solo with the Gardners, "threeee frendh hens" about seventeen times (or however many times you sing the third day). 
Of course, they all laughed at me, none louder that Jonathan.  
I think it was my initiation into their family (which I am so grateful to be a part of!) 
And I was glad that I could bring them a little extra Christmas joy that year. 

This year, Jonathan is writing a poem for each of the twelve days.
This link will take you to day five.  Just go older or newer post to see the other days.

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  1. Do you remember when you and Beth were very young that we had a surprise each day as someone was bringing you something of one of the twelve days of Christmas each day? I still have the 2 turtle dove ornaments and hang them on the tree each year.


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