Come Visit Cali (Muir Woods)

Muir Woods is just a hop, skip and a jump from San Francisco.
I mean, if you could actually hop, skip or jump over San Francisco Bay.  Instead you get to drive over the Golden Gate Bridge and through the Rainbow Tunnel!  Much more exciting.

Most coastal redwoods have been cut at some point but Muir Woods is one of those protected places that has never been logged.

The trees are enormous and beautiful. 

It has a 1-mile loop hike that is easy to manage with little ones.  Pick up a scavenger hunt before embarking on the hike.  It keeps the kids engaged with the informational signs that are sprinkled along the way.  And there's a prize at the end!  Of course, we also look for tree faces.

And make fish faces at the salmon in the creek.

Armstrong Redwoods is another place to see the Redwoods that isn't too far from us.  Since it is in Sonoma County, we would go there if you choose the Napa Valley option when making your reservations to...

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