Eight is Great!

#2 turned eight today.
He is in a "I don't want you to take my picture and if you do I'm definitely not smiling" phase.  So, in spite of that or because of it, here are his birthday pics.

I miss squeezin' his chubby little cheeks--they've been gone for a while now--but it is great getting to know this smart, curious eight-year-old boy.  I was kind of surprised he wanted a number shirt like I made for D but he requested.  He also got doughnuts for breakfast and tacos for dinner ("because it's something everybody likes").  He was pretty excited about his sparkler candles.  So much so that he wouldn't blow them out!  Little pyro.  Abby helped me make these strawberry nutella muffins for dessert.  It was a good start to the birthday weekend!!!
Hope you have a good one!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Joe! I hope that it was gr8. Hee heee.
    Love, Shisha


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