got crackerjack?!

Little League Opening Ceremonies
oh yeah.
this is it, people.
the official start of baseball season.
all the teams line up around the "dirt line" (somebody knows the real name for this.  i will do my best as a baseball mom but i have a lot to learn).  then each team's coach calls out the name of every player on his/her team.  that's right.  every player on every team in the league.  when your name is called you run as fast as you can to home plate.

 then the whole team runs back all together.
as fast as they can.
the coaches try to keep up.

 abs is excited to be a part of a softball team this year.
i mean, they have cuter socks.
she is also learning to pitch!
she did FABulous!
no kidding, struck people out and stuff.
 joe worked on intimidating the opposing team with his tough guy stances.
and by hitting the ball way over their heads.

look out MLB and WMLS,
here come the gardners!

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  1. Love these pics. I think the dirt line is the "infield". I know it's hard when you've been into soccer all your life.


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