Come Visit Cali (home sweet home)

If you are coming to Cali, we would love to have you stay in our cozy little home.
Remember we live at an adventure camp.
You can try blobbing or swinging or sliding or hiking.

Do you have little ones?
We have a wonderful toddler training program here at the house.
We teach two very important lessons.

How To Make the Most of Bathtime

How To Wrestle
(aka Defend Yourself or Be Thrown into the Couch)

They can also learn about eating locally.
We have blackberries.  And green beans.  And more.

We also offer electives like...
 How To Wash Dishes

The Best Way To Wear a Fake Mustache

These are really just the tip of the iceberg, folks.
You are going to have to see it for yourself.
Come visit!


  1. uhhhh, is this offer good for non-family members?

  2. Looks like fun to me. I'm a hard worker and love to learn new things. Sign me up for a class. I'll check out flights.

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