Come Visit Cali (San Francisco)

Reason #3 to

There are so many places to explore in California and many of them are within driving distance of us.  San Fran is only about 3 hours away and it has something for everyone.

Golden Gate Bridge + Crissy Beach

Trolley Cars
(Abby will show you how to act like you've been doing this your whole life.)

Seals at Pier 39

The Presidio

where I will force you to play the statue game with me.

we are totally awesome!!!

And so many wonderful museums.
The Zeum (below) where you can make your own claymation movie or music video, the California Academy of Sciences has an aquarium and a living roof, the Exploratorium is every little scientist's dream, or the de Young Fine Arts Museum.

There's still more but you'll have to wait for the next post.
In the meantime, give us a call, tell us when you're coming so we can put you on the calendar! 


  1. Ok, I see some things on this list that we did not see when I came before.

    1. it's a big city! let's make a list for next time!


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