Windows Repurposed...Greenhouse!

Jono has worked hard building this lovely recycled greenhouse for us.
And now it is finished!

It's quirky and cute (kinda like us!) and completely functional. 
It is keeping in the warmth nicely.
The chicken shed is on the right side.

You can see the roof in this picture. 
We used clear corrugated plastic roof panels.

Now to get some seeds started!
Good thing I have some willing helpers.
They are planting some lettuce.  Beet seeds were also planted this week.

Such cute little helpers!

So there you go.  A look at the new/old greenhouse.
The shelves are in the process of being built so we'll give you an inside tour when they are done.


  1. OHHHH I LOVE IT!!! I am trying to picture where it is, I will have to come by and see. Good job Jono!!

  2. Ah, I really like it. What a good use of old windows. I had to show my husband too, we've been talking about greenhouses for a few years now& how buying one is just silly with how expensive they are& how the material used isn't worth the ticket price. So jealous!

  3. leigh anne and bobMarch 14, 2012 at 7:02 PM

    Love it, you guys. Looks great! The boys are going to try building a straw bale clubhouse sometime this Spring/Summer. We'll see.

  4. cool! I am planning to build a super similar greenhouse off my airstream. i was wondering if you would share pictures of the inside?? pllllease!!


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