Angels in the Outfield

One of our spring break adventures was going to the kids' first major league baseball game.

Angels vs. Royals

First, a little pre-game tailgate.

Walking to our sky box.
(If sky box means the highest seats in the stadium)

First view of the field.

The dugout.

Albert PUJOLS!!!

Dylan--ready to catch a pop fly or a foul ball.
Top row of the upper deck.  It could happen.

After the game, the kids were able to go down on the field and run the bases.  Pretty cool.

It was a bit of a learning experience for me.
The Angels are not the A's despite the fact that all of their paraphernalia has a giant A on it.
You can lead off of any base.  I thought it was only first.
Major league pitchers do walk people. 
Also, balking was explained to me and why the batter can run sometimes on a third strike.
Oh, baseball, you have so much to teach me.

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