Egg Drop Soup?

This actually happened a few weeks ago (evidence--joe's cornrows).  The whole school was involved in an egg drop competition.  You know, the kind where you get to pack up a raw egg and throw it off the roof and see if it survives.  Yep.  That's the one.

The kids anxiously watch as it is launched and lands.
Oh yeah.  And Dylan came as Batman.

It's unpacked and...it's GOOD!
The Mouse House (pre-school) was ecstatic.
Old basketball + styrofoam peanuts was Joe's contraption.
The egg survived the fall from the roof.
But NOT the fall from hand to table.
Abby and her friend went with tissue box + tissues + plastic baggie parachute.

Totally cracked up.

Most interesting egg vehicle prize goes to Mrs. Citron.  She put her egg inside a grapefruit.  The grapefruit ended up a little more juicy than it started but the egg was perfectly fine.
(**note: there were no official votes counted or casted for this prize.  i just decided.)

Fun with physics.
Thanks, Yuba Feather!

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