What's growing?

Our new greenhouse works!
If you haven't gotten a glimpse yet of our marvelous greenhouse made from recycled windows, click here!

 (from top to bottom)
beets and lettuce
mint and basil
Trek's bean plant and strawberries
more strawberries and cucumbers

(also growing in the greenhouse but not shown)
oregano, lavender, cilantro, rosemary, Thai basil
cherry tomatoes, Roma tomatoes, Cherokee purple tomatoes,
green peppers, jalapeno peppers,
yellow squash, zucchini, spaghetti squash

Due to our late frost date (last year it was May 31st), we have only two things in the outside beds.  Spinach and peas.  They are coming along nicely and if the weather continues to be as nice as it has we may get to transplant before June this year!!! 

Watching these tiny seedlings pop up is super exciting but it is even more exciting that the greenhouse is being used by several others in our neighborhood.  The different squashes have come from three different people.  Since a single squash plant can produce a plethora of produce we are going to share it between ourselves.  So, instead of force feeding zucchini to my children every day for the next year, we will have a lovely variety of fresh squashes.  And tomatoes.  And herbs. 
Now that's community, y'all! 

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