Carrots + Juicer

A friend passed on a juicer to us. 
I was thrilled!
Joe was thrilled.(?)
Maybe he'll have a future in the food industry.
Hmm.  Or maybe he just likes to mash things to a pulp.
So I whipped out the few carrots I had in my veggie drawer and we went to town.  We had one cup of marvelous carrot juice!  To share between all 6 of us.  One cup of juice and one bear of a clean up.
It was decided that the next time the juicer came out it better be for a good deal more than 1 measly cup of juice.
Enter the 25 pound bag of carrots.

Abby spotted it in the grocery store.
Perfect!  That definitely merits getting the juicer out!

And we juiced us some carrots!
Joe was tired of it after about 5 pounds.  But we went through the ranks, everyone got a turn to throw the carrots in and shove them down to their juicy end.
I poured the juice into my muffing tins and froze them.
I quit measuring after a while but we got at least a gallon of carrot juice.
Each carrot cube equals about 1/3 cup of juice.

They are great for adding to...

orange juice
zucchini bread

and on and on!

I'm so glad to have another sneaky way to get veggies into my kids' diets.
What else do you think I should do with all this carrot juice?

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