So, Joe has been letting his hair grow out.  Which is fine.  I like long hair on guys (obviously since I haven't made Jono cut his yet).  However, I rarely see Joe's face.  He refuses to tuck it behind his ears and his bangs have grown so far out I don't think it's right to even call them bangs.
We started doing a little Google research on boys with long hair and bangs.
This one was nixed immediately
because (sorry) it's Bieber
This one got cut for a similar reason.
High school musical just doesn't scream "cool in a tough way" to an eight year old.
 We tried to find some styles on people he didn't know.
This one almost made it. 
Until he saw Jaden.
What about that doesn't say "cool in a tough way"?!
 I agreed to give it a try.

What do you think?
I think he has gorgeous eyes (even though he likes to scowl most of the time in an effort to appear cool in a tough sort of way).  It's been so long since I have seen all of his face at one time I almost forgot what he looked like under all that hair!  We finished it Wednesday night. 

By Monday it was majorly fuzzified.
Strands of hair were leaking out everywhere.
It had to come out.

I hope you got a laugh out of that one.
We sure did.
Not sure he can work the cool-tough facade with that do!

And we are back to square one.  Either find a haircut we can agree on or find some kind of product that will make those braids last longer that a few days.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Pony-tail? Mohawk? Afro? Pig-tails? Barettes? Hair-bows? Bobby Pins? Pouf? ;)


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