Kids' Craft : Marble Art

I tell you what, sometimes the simplest things are the most entertaining!  I saw this done in Joe's class when he was in preschool.  They used white paint on black paper to make super cool spider webs.  I might have to get this back out closer to Halloween.  Today we just used white paper.

Place a piece of white paper
(we used freezer paper because it has the wax coating on one side)
in a gift box or shoe box.

Put a marble in a small drop of paint on your paper.

Roll the marble around by tilting the box.

We tried adding more marbles.

We tried adding different colors.

This was a perfect preschool project.  Trek could handle rolling the marble around and he "scored" if he got the marble to roll back through the paint.  I had no idea my big kids would be just as excited about it.  When they got home we got the paints out all over again!

Don't they look AMAZING!?!  Very Jackson Pollock.

Paint like Jackson Pollock on your computer! 
Go to this website and drag your mouse around where you want to drip your paint. 
A click of the mouse changes the color!  So fun!


  1. love this! so great. and i love seeing pics of the kids :) miss you all soooooo much!

  2. miss you too, allison. come visit soon!


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