11 Years Ago

11 years ago I married this guy!
Don't we look happy?!

We've been through a lot since that day.  Different jobs, different towns, added some kids.
We've been married a third of our lives.
How do we look now?

picture by lexie bush (www.lybphots.com)
Happier than ever!
He's loving and generous, fun and creative. 
It has been an amazing adventure.

I love living life with you, Jonathan Gardner!


  1. Oh my gosh. I am going to cry. Ya'll are so sweet, then and now. I have always admired you as a couple and as a family. Happy Anniversary!!

  2. I lovee love this. Makes me smile.

  3. Wow! A third of your lives! That's amazing. Imagine that Mimi and Mac have been married 61 years - That is now 3/4 of their lives! I hope y'all get there too! SMACK!!!


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