This was one of my favorite days on spring break!
The beach at Malibu!
And we got to spend it with our transplant So Cal friends again.
They taught Abby to body board (is that what you call it?).  The water was fuh-reezing.  Abs always makes fun of me for being so cold natured but I couldn't even put my feet in this water.  I don't know how she managed to spend so much time in there.  But she did great and Miss Smith was a wonderful teacher!

We tried out our DaVinci kite.

We dug the biggest hole ever at the beach (that day.)  Dilly Bean thoroughly enjoyed this play area.

Joe was not convinced to get in the water but he was a major player in the digging expedition.

Found more bugs.

Growing up, my family would take vacations to the beach.  Granted the Gulf of Mexico is a bit different than the California coast, it still brought back memories of spending all day playing in the sand, going for a swim to get the sand off, lounging, snacking, etc.  It still is my favorite kind of day.  To share a day like that with my kids was just so special.  I hope they had as much fun as I did!

To top it off, we had dinner at Neptune's Net!  The atmosphere was great--just across from the ocean, we watched kite surfers while we ate.  And very casual--you order buckets of seafood at the counter and then find your pick of picnic table or booth, out on the porch or inside out of the wind. 
Perfect way to finish off the day!

PS.  It is still cold here at home.  Something about 40's in June is not alright with me.  If I go missing sometime soon, you might look for me in Malibu.


  1. this does look like great fun. I miss some fun times at the beach with my girls. We'll have to rent a house and take everyone sometime.

  2. That's why living in Santa Barbara rocks.

  3. Poor Becca. It is MUCH warmer than that in Alaska!! Go south! Or north actually. Either way.


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