Sweet Mint

Last week when we went to the farmers' market, I picked up this huge bunch of mint.
The first thing I thought of was sweet mint tea!
Sweet mint tea reminds me of
Hooligans in Tuscaloosa and
rocking on a back porch swing with some friends from Mississippi. 
How far west does sweet tea go exactly?  I think there is some in St. Lewis, but it surely doesn't come as far as California.  And sweet MINT tea is just perfectly refreshing for this time of year.

simple mint syrup:
take equal parts
& chopped fresh mint

boil for a few minutes
cool and pour into container
let it set in the refrigerator 2-3 days
then strain out the mint leaves

Add to tea to desired sweetness!

It is also lovely to add to lemonade!  Mint Lemonade!  I do suggest using the little KoolAid lemonade packets that come without sugar.  So instead of adding sugar you just add the mint syrup.

That's my summer recipe.  Tomorrow Joe will give you his.

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  1. Would you fix some mint lemonade while I'm there?


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