Is This Too Much?

My baby is almost two.
And this is two pacies (nuk, binkie, whatever you call it) too many.
We have passed the stage of ignorance when I could have just tossed them and he would have forgotten they existed.  Why did I wait?  Well there was that long plane ride I wanted to keep them for and then I was too tired and then we were going to stay with some friends and I couldn't have him squalling...

And now it's going to have to be an event.
He knows what to call it, how to go get it himself, and find the extras.
So I'm calling for ideas for how to
retire the pacifier.

Here are a few methods I have heard of before:

1.  The Easter Bunny took them.
2.  Giving them away to a newborn baby.
3.  Tossing them out the backdoor and just letting it sink in.
4.  Cutting the tips off.

All ideas submitted will be taken into consideration for the actual Retire the Pacifier Event.  If your idea is used and it actually works, you will win a basket full of thankfulness from me and his future dentist!

1 comment:

  1. I thought Charley would NEVER give the pacifier up. Still to this day, she says she would gladly take it back if it was offered (she's 5).

    When she was 2-ish, I told her that if she could successfully give it up, then she would be rewarded by a trip to the toy aisle at wal-mart. It worked. Though in the end (after the new wore off the toy), I think she regretted it.

    Good luck. This too shall pass.


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