Your 20's Really Miss You

Today is a momentous day.
My little sister has crossed over into her thirties.
Since she is my little sister, you can all deduce the fact that I have already crossed this mark in my life.  My crossing wasn't traumatic but it did cause me to stop and do some life evaluation.  I looked around and thought "how did I get here?!"  So, in true big sister fashion, I would like to help guide my little sis through this special time in her life and remind her
how she got here.

First, you were born.  Well, second because I was first.

Then I taught you many things.
Like how to do neat tricks on your banana seat bicycle.

And how to look cool. 

Even while wearing Catholic school uniforms.

I taught you how to be tough.

I taught you a lot of things, told you anyway, because that's what big sisters do.  We're bossy and controlling.  And you didn't listen, because that's what little sisters do.  They're headstrong and stubborn.

But, thank goodness you didn't!

Look at the amazing woman you've become!
You are thoughtful and loving.  You have a quick, sharp mind and a contagious sense of humor.
And you are a fiercely, loyal friend.  I am so thankful that applies to sisters as well because it's one of my favorite qualities about you.  What a treat to get to grow up with you!

So, here's to you on your big day.
Welcome to The Thirties!

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