Color My Windows

We are officially into summer up here in the Sierra Nevadas!  (Imagine that exclamation point is me doing a great big Toyota jump for joy.)  The summer weather is practically perfect.  Sunshine every day.  Warm enough to swim and be outside without the instant sweat factor of high humidity.  Cool enough in the evening to make grilling out the only place you want to cook.  Thank you, Lord!

I know other people live in places where it rains one day and is sunny the next.  Not quite so bi-polar as where I live.  Well, if you find yourself having a grey day this summer, here is a way to brighten things up.  Literally. 

1.  Cut colored tissue paper.

2.  Stick the pieces onto the sticky side of a piece of contact paper.

3.  Sandwich another piece of contact paper on the top.

4.  Trim the edges and hang up in your window for instant color!

It brings everybody's spirits right up.

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  1. So glad to hear you are rid of winter!! Love this. It is on my craft to do list.


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