Monster Hat Restyle

This week we did a restyle for joe friday.  The inspiration came first from this awesome hat that Abs got for Christmas and then Joe saw a project in this month's Family Fun magazine. 
We started with an old and ratty but much loved sweatshirt, some t-shirt scraps, and Joe's drawing of the face he wanted. 

 Originally he had the eyes in a diamond shape but they were getting lost over the top on his head so we adjusted them to go straight across.  He enjoys running around with it pulled all the way over his face to scare his brothers.  This lasts as long as it takes for him to crash into something since I failed to put eye holes in the top of the hat.  Maybe next time.

PS.  getting him to pose for these pictures was quite a challenge.  below are a couple other great shots i could have used.

love that kid.


  1. SUPER idea!! Way to go JOE and BEC!

  2. That looks soo cool!!! Like I said on the phone I would like one please! I mean I am the only crazy person y'all know right????


  3. Love the re-style ideas. Are you submitting any of these to some kind of contest?

  4. Love that you both collaborated. Very cool.

  5. project restyle! one a week for 2011! you can see more at flickr.com go to the group "project restyle"


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