Cigon and the Hunters

In this story it's all about Cigon Lincoln and the hunters!  You don't know about the hunters?  Of course some of you don't know about the hunters.  Before we get to the story, I'll tell you about the hunters.  the hunters are the awesome girls (and only girls) who hunt down monsters and kill them. 
Cigon Lincoln found the hunters.  They had just killed a fury.  Artemis spoke up when she was him (Artemis is the leader of the hunters also greek goddess of the moon.)  "Who are you?" Artemis asked calmly. 
"I'm Cigon Lincoln," Cigon said.
"I've heard of you, I'm Artemis," said Artemis.  "Would you like to help us track down a minotaur?" Artemis asked.
"Sure," said Cigon.  So they tracked down the minotaur.  Once they found it they fired their arrows.  One of Cigon's arrows came twirling and hit the creature right in the eye.  That was the end of the minotaur but the beginning of Cigon's career of being the sidekick of Artemis. 
The End

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  1. So... the hunters are going to allow Cigon to join them? Nice twist.


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