Paint, String, and the Littles

We do a lot of arts and crafts at our house.  Now that D doesn't take his morning nap anymore, he can start to join us in these fun little projects.

This is a classic project that kids of any age can get into.  All you need to get started is...

a few pieces of string
washable paint
dish for the paint
(something to cover your work surface is highly recommended)

You get something like this...

Or this...

and inevitably we get some of this...

or this...

I used tempera paint which is not permanent however it isn't entirely washable either (unless you get washable tempera paint) so the kiddos had some funky looking skin until a few baths later.


  1. PRECIOUS!! Love the littles!!!
    (and the older ones too :D !!)

  2. Becca, I aspire to be a creative mom like you!


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