Draw in the Dirt

Do you like to color? 
I do.  It is one of my most favorite things.  Pencils, markers, paint, crayons, mud.  Anything.  It doesn't matter.  And I love encouraging the creativity in others.  We all have it in us.  We are made in the image of The Creator!  It's in there somewhere.  I'm just asking you to get it out and give it a little exercise.

We're going to call this


and here is how it works...
1. read the poem written by the witty and talented jono.
2. illustate the poem with your very own original work of art in any way you feel like,.
3. link up your new creation to the Linkster below.
4. encourage those around you to unleash their inner crayon too.

So...here we go!

I'm heading to the BIG GAME!
Packed the car I'm ready.
I'm heading to the BIG GAME!
Meeting up with Freddie.

I'm heading to the BIG GAME!
My cooler's iced and full.
Got ribs, cole slaw, chicken wings,
shrimp, and burgered bull.

I'm heading to the BIG GAME!
Team shoes on my feet,
Face painted, foam finger,
Wrist bands, cushioned seat.

I'm heading to the BIG GAME!
Got a football so I can kick it.
There's just one thing that I don't have,
I really need a ticket!

and the first few entries are from our house...

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  1. What a cute poem and drawings! You have a really cute family blog going on here. :)


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