It's Spring Somewhere {California Coastal Wildflowers}

There we were, on top of this gorgeous bluff overlooking the ocean and surrounded by all these wildflowers!  I wish I knew the names of all of them.  If anyone who knows would like to pipe up and tell me, please do.  For now I hope you at least get a little taste of this magnificent view that we enjoyed that day in Carpinteria.

This next one I do know.  It is the bloom of a eucalyptus tree.  It has no petals, but is decorated by its many stamen.  After it finishes blooming, the seed pod is left.  The pods that I have seen have either a star or a cross in the center.  If you look in the center of this flower, you will see a pentagon shape where the star will be when it dries. 

I love how God leaves his fingerprints all over nature.

The pods can be used in lots of fun, crafty ways.  I've been using them as stamps to decorate different clay creations!  Bowls, cups, earrings.  Any other ideas for eucalyptus pods?


  1. We made little doll houses using shoeboxes and only nature items. (it's on my blog somewhere)Amber had the idea to use the eucalyptus pods for burners on the stove in the kitchen. It was awesome! They still use those houses!


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