Hollywood {with the smiths}

We took a trip into Hollywood while we were in SoCal. 
If you look closely, you can see the Hollywood sign towards the top left. 

 The kids loved it. They got such a kick out of seeing all those "famous people". Trek even got to hold the grim reaper's sword!

I on the other hand was a little disenchanted by the fact that these people in costume were using my children to get money. Maybe I'm too cynical.
Or too much of a nerd.  I was way more excited about the DaVinci exhibit we went to down there.
There were replicas of a bunch of the machines he invented,  sketches of more of his ideas, and a few of his paintings.  Remember he was the guy that painted the Mona Lisa.

It was very hands-on.  Good thing since the kiddos were going to have their hands on it anyway!
They also had stations where you could design your own face for Mona and make paper airplanes.

The paper airplanes were tested and found to be flight-worthy.
One was left behind.  Whoops.

We also saw the Chinese Theatre, handprints in the concrete, and stars on the sidewalk
like every good Hollywood tourist does.

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