Project Restyle {Sand Toys}

All of these cast-off kitchen items came from my local thrift store.
Grand Total = $3
All the different shapes gave me (uh, I mean, the kids) so much to play with!  The metal spoons were the best.  So much more durable that those plastic shovels you get at Wally World or the Dollar Store.  We had one of those too and it was broken in under 10 minutes.

One of our castles.

And the reason we didn't have very big castles.  (There were a couple of reasons actually.)

Another fun thing to build in the sand...
mermaid tails!

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  1. Great thinking Becca. I too have found very simple alternatives to what most would consider "must haves" just by stopping to think a sec.

    Like, I say, why do we use store bought grass in our easter baskets? I have a yard full of REAL grass for cushioning eggs. OR, do we even need cushioning at all? Either way, yard grass is free....store bought, not so much.


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