Who likes the Easter Bunny?

We had a lovely Easter.  I hope yall did, too.  The kids hunted eggs several times.  The first hunt was up here at the park with a special guest appearance!

As you can see, Dylan was not too sure about the giant man-sized rabbit.  Trek was thrilled because he gave him candy.  Joe was too cool to stand with the bunny for a picture.  He just took his candy and ran.  I did convince Abby to take a picture with him but it was with much eye-rolling and arm-crossing. 

How do you feel about the Easter bunny?  I think I prefer the Cadbury kind.  But then again, a rabbit laying eggs could be a bit disturbing too.  Hmmm.

Our church also had a hunt after the service.  Trek, sweet boy, was thrilled with his "golden" egg while Dylan (and Joe for that matter) was more excited about what they found inside the eggs!


  1. Becca, They're growing too fast! I have got to get out there sooner rather than later.

  2. Hey, I've been wondering where you have been! I am not pro Easter bunny visits. I like the idea of him coming to our house to fill up the basket mysteriously in the night, but visiting him at the mall kinda takes the wonder out of it. I mean at 5 years old (and probably at 4 too) Charley can already see very clearly that it is a person in a costume. It made her doubt Santa Claus. I wouldn't have taken her at all, but Big Mama suggested it and then Charley wouldn't stop asking, so I caved.

    This is all true UNLESS that is Jonathon in that Easter Bunny outfit, then of course I am all for it. :)

  3. too many things going on lately. it was cramping my blogging style. but now i have something to blog about!
    ps. not Jono in the suit :)


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