Jono only shaves once a year.  That usually applies to haircuts as well but I think he missed that yearly appointment.  He always makes sure to include the kids at this yearly event because it changes his appearance so drastically.  He doesn't want to scare them.  They each took a turn with the electric razor.
My husband is a brave, brave man.

The Shaving seems to always fall near Cinco de Mayo when there is the Shaving Part 1...

which is quickly followed by the Shaving Part 2 because I will not go to bed with him looking like that.  This year we missed the in between stage (and when I say 'we' I mean 'only him') and the final product was this debonair young gentleman...

I wish his dad could have been here to see it.  He would have been so pleased.  But there is a very small window of opportunity, because next year's beard starts growing immediately. 
So, make plans for next May, Charley!


  1. Whoa, what a difference...looking good there Jonathon!!! Love your blog Becca!

  2. This made me giggle because it reminds me so much of. My husband. Love it

  3. Wow. I wish you'd do a blog about why he has decided on this one a year thing. Though, if he's like Chuck, then the reason is just not that deep.

  4. Face looks a little fuller than when I last saw it. ;-)


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