Rivercats Update

The Rivercats have had a great year.  Just one more game to go before we close the season.
Here is a little run down of how the kids have done...
At Bat
Joe was hitting good, solid hits the first half of the season.  He decided to change his stance to be "like the majors", holding the bat up really high.  It threw him all off but he could not be convinced to change back.  He still gets hits.  They aren't like they were but he looks good at the plate.
*please notice how he runs on air* 

Abs is a slugger.  She has had more than several hits into the outfield and one line drive almost took Jonathan out!  Then she gets those long legs kickin' and she's around the bases before you know it.

 In the Field

  Joe will get the ball.  He can cover several positions at once and you can be sure that when he does snag it he will be in mid-dive.  He also likes to throw it just as far as he can.  So, outfield has been a good fit for him.

Abby has played mostly second or short stop.  She is consistent but maybe a little too polite out on the field.  I think her aunts need to teach her a little bit about game etiquette.

The little boys also get in on the game in their own special ways.  More on that in another post.


  1. Love the deep discussion going on between the player and coach!!!


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