April is National Kite Month.

How exciting, I know.

But we are headed to the beach soon where the "'air is right" for flying a kite.


Joe brought home a paper kite he had made at school.  (Way to go, Mrs. Palmer)  I love that his teacher makes the effort to do these little extras with the kids.  And the kite really flies!  I looked for some instructions online so we could all make a paper kite to take to the beach.  There are tons, by the way.  This one has picture instructions and a video. 

I'll see if I can document them flying (or crashing) at the beach to share later.

I also recently checked out this website:  http://www.thetoymaker.com/

There are so many fun things to do here.  (We will definitely be coming back to this site this summer!)  There happens to be a download for Koi Kites.  They won't be flying in the sky so much as flying through the trees down at Pinestraw Hill.  Won't that add some great color and whimsy to our little playground?!

I might use some of these Bluebirds, too.  Or, maybe add them to a spring wreath.  So many possibilities! 

Find some fun and let me know what was your favorite.

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