Crazy Crayons

I love crayons.  Especially the way they smell.  Maybe that's weird.  I can't bring myself to throw any away.  Even after they are little, broken, peeled pieces that you can't quite tell what color they are supposed to be.  There are tons of projects to do with leftover crayons.  Check out http://www.crayola.com/ if you don't believe me.

But a couple friends of mine (Hayley & Christine) have recycled their crayons in some fun ways.

I wanted to try it too!

Step One:  Peel the crayons (he was throughly engrossed in this part of the activity for a good 20 minutes!)

Step 2:  Bash them with a hammer.  (very satisfying)

Step 3:  Put crumbled bits into candy mold (or silicon ice tray if that's all you have on hand) 

Step 4:  Place it in the oven at 250-275 degrees until crayons are melted.  (because my mold is actually an ice tray, i placed it in a dish with a bit of water so the whole thing wouldn't melt inside my oven)

Step 5:  Let them cool then pop them out of your mold. 

Step 6:  Color!


  1. Awesome! I am so glad I inspired someone. Great job--they look awesome!

  2. Wow! What a great way to recycle crayons.
    And I'm glad to see that y'all have some of the ice trays that make the long skinny ice for bottles. Is it so convenient? I've considered getting some.

  3. I love that smell too! They look great. Thanks for the link up!


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